The Award Winning Healing music for the healthcare environment

Graceful Passages invites us to listen to the depths of our being, in sickness or health. It’s a true liturgy of the soul and a blessing for the caregivers, companions and family of those in transition. The beauty of Gary Malkin’s music enhancing the tenderly spoken wisdom brings us to the world of Grace.”

-Don Campbell, Author: The Mozart Effect and Music: Physician for Times to Come

“Gary Malkin’s way of enhancing spoken wisdom with music in his WisdomFilms aligns individuals and large groups into the present moment, helping them to feel more receptive, open-hearted, and alive. Gary has truly come up with a new technology for connecting to Spirit!”

Deepak Chopra, Bestselling Author, and Spiritual Leader

“Gary Malkin’s work reminds me of the intimacy between the world of nature ‘out there’ and our own personal realms of imagination. He is the musical Hermes, connecting our deepest selves to the vast world we live in. No service could be more important.”

Thomas Moore, Bestselling Author, “Care of the Soul

“Graceful Passages opens the heart to the realization of our birthright and our destiny.”

Larry Dossey, M.D. author, Healing Words; Reinventing Medicine

“I  highly recommend Gary Malkin as a keynote speaker for any engagement that would benefit from an uplifting of the spirit and an opening of the heart!”

Lynne Twist, Author, The Soul of Money

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